Locating Cambium's Chinese plastics supplier

Colin Stanners (lists) Colin-lists at HighSpeedCrow.ca
Tue Aug 9 16:14:32 UTC 2022

Greetings NANOG, a rare request here, I apologize that it is distanced from
the usual network routing/design/administration areas of focus... posted on
AFMUG too but NANOG seems to have many more people knowledgeable in the
upstream manufacturing of devices. If there's anywhere else where there is a
concentration of such knowledge please let me know.


I'm looking to purchase a large number of Cambium's e501s (outdoor WI-FI AP)
mounting  brackets, which they don't sell individually (reasonable enough
due to low demand).

A while ago on one of our packages from (passed through) Cambium, I noticed
the name of a Chinese supplier that I didn't recognize. I visited their
website and they seemed to be Cambium's plastics supplier, among other
wireless and Wi-Fi I products. But I didn't consider that information worth
saving. Has anyone noticed that name so that I can attempt to buy a number
of brackets directly, if they are allowed to sell them?

Reasoning: I'm trying to put together a "super-fast event Wi-Fi
re-deployment" design. Basically, at the many locations where we offer Wi-Fi
once or twice a year, we'd have existing e501S slide-on mounts, also
terminated RJ45 ends with the cable glands in a tough plastic bag ziptied to
the tower. All events would have the routers/PoE switches left onside with a
standardized IP/VLAN/etc setup. The idea is that we can tell the techs "grab
15 event APs", which don't need to be programmed by the office as they have
a standard config, and after climb the techs spend <1min per AP to slide on
and plug in. So with these and other optimizations, an event of e.g. 5 sites
x 3 APs per site can be fully re-deployed in 1-2hours, instead of the 1-2
days that we normally spend organizing, programming, attaching mounts,
cabling, etc.


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