Need for historical prefix blacklist (`rogue' prefixes) information

Amir Herzberg amir.lists at
Thu Oct 28 23:48:24 UTC 2021

Hi NANOGers, for our research on ROV (and ROV++, our extension, NDSS'21),
we need access to historical data of blacklisted prefixes (due to spam,
DDoS, other), as well as suspect-hijacks list (beyond BGPstream which we
already have).

Basically we want to measure if the overlap (and non-overlap) btw such
`suspect' prefixes and ROV-Invalid prefixes.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm not sure the list would be interested so
I recommend you respond to me privately; if there are useful responses, I
could post a summary to the list after few days (of collecting responses,
if any).

thanks and regards... Amir
Amir Herzberg

Comcast professor of Security Innovations, Computer Science and
Engineering, University of Connecticut
`Applied Introduction to Cryptography' textbook and lectures:
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