ROA mirror to IRR?

Ben Maddison benm at
Wed Oct 27 06:38:21 UTC 2021

Hi Shawn,

On 10/26, Shawn wrote:
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> IRR questions:
> How do most large networks maintain (automate) their IRR records?
> Is it standard practice to accept more specifics (append IPv4 "le /24" and
> IPv6 "le /48")?
>  Or is it expected to have one IRR route per BGP announcement?
We (37271) use different policies depending on our relationship to the
From customers, we require an exactly matching route(6) object.
From peers, we accept more specifics up to /24 or /48.

The rationale for this is:
1.  We consider that we have a higher "duty of care" with respect to
    routes that we intend to announce to the wider Internet; and
2.  Having a customer facing policy that is at least as strict as our
    strictest neighbor helps eliminate hard to troubleshoot propagation

We've been doing things this way for several years now, and it seems to
be a good middle ground.


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