ROA mirror to IRR?

Vincent Bernat bernat at
Wed Oct 27 05:28:40 UTC 2021

 ❦ 26 October 2021 10:17 -10, Shawn:

> Curious if any IRR databases are mirroring/importing ROA data - creating
> route|6 objects from ROA?

This is a feature of IRRd 4:

> IRR questions:
> How do most large networks maintain (automate) their IRR records?
> Is it standard practice to accept more specifics (append IPv4 "le /24" and
> IPv6 "le /48")?
>  Or is it expected to have one IRR route per BGP announcement?

IMO, many accept more specifics, but you shouldn't rely on this under
normal circumnstance.
Make sure input cannot violate the limits of the program.
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