ROA mirror to IRR?

Shawn at
Tue Oct 26 20:17:01 UTC 2021

Curious if any IRR databases are mirroring/importing ROA data - creating
route|6 objects from ROA?

LACNIC requires a route object to be created when creating a ROA.
APNIC you create a route object, then may generate a ROA during that
Other RIR's, curious if anything tries to bring the two together?

Applicable for networks that only use IRR data (do not yet validate RPKI),
they could benefit.

IRR questions:
How do most large networks maintain (automate) their IRR records?
Is it standard practice to accept more specifics (append IPv4 "le /24" and
IPv6 "le /48")?
 Or is it expected to have one IRR route per BGP announcement?

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