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Mon Oct 25 16:45:55 UTC 2021

On 24 Oct 2021, at 8:58 PM, bzs at wrote:
> Perhaps silly but am I the only one with an ARIN POC RegDate of
> 1970-01-01? I've been in that db a long time but not quite that long.

Indeed Barry…  As pointed out earlier, that’s what is displayed for 32-bits of zero – which means that value was never set for the POC (a better display string would be probably be “UNKNOWN”) 

On creation, the overwhelming majority of POCs (and Orgs) were set to the date of issuance of their corresponding network record, but this did not happen in 100% of the cases (e.g. when the appropriate value was unclear due to multiple records.)   If anyone has a similar issue, please feel free to contact the ARIN Helpdesk and we’ll research and correct the data asap. 

> Does it matter? I have no idea what the correct date might be so
> the instructions to correct don't help.

We believe the correct date should be the same as the same as the date presently on your Org record and your first network issue date  (03-26-1990 in this case).  It’s possible that your “nic handle" existed prior and was used with another network and was subsequently displaced by another POC on the network - if that was case, we would not have able to associate the earlier date with your POC automatically. 

> If I needed that info I'd consult the ARIN DB but I guess not.

Check tomorrow… it will be updated per above. 

> I guess I'm wondering if it's just their temporary DB glitch so I
> should ignore it.
> The rest of the info is perfect beyond my wildest dreams.

Good to hear - Thanks! 

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