IPv6 and CDN's

Bryan Fields Bryan at bryanfields.net
Sat Oct 23 21:56:38 UTC 2021

On 10/23/21 9:03 AM, David Conrad wrote:
> Bryan,
>> Even the DNS root servers are not 100% reachable via IPv6.
> Excepting temporary failures, they are as far as I am aware. Why do you
> think they aren’t?

I can't reach C, 2001:500:2::c, from many places in v6 land.  My home and
secondary data center can't reach it, but my backup VM's at another data
center can.


> However, the IANA team is not the enforcement arm of the Internet. If a
> root server operator chooses to not abide by RFC 7720, there is nothing the
> IANA team can do unilaterally other than make the root server operator
> aware of the fact.

Surely IANA has the power to compel a root server operator to abide by policy
or they lose the right to be a root server?

>> Until IPv6 becomes provides a way to make money for the ISP, I don't see
>> it being offered outside of the datacenter.
> Different markets, different approaches.  In the areas I’ve lived in Los
> Angeles, commodity residential service via AT&T (1 Gbps up/down fiber) and
> Spectrum (varying speeds) is dual stack by default (as far as I can tell).
> I suspect all it would take would be one of the providers in your area to
> offer IPv6 and advertise the fact in their marketing to cause the others to
> fall into line.

Prior ISP charged me $15/month per IPv4 address and a mandatory router rent of
$10/month.  New one gets $5/month per IPv4 address.  The reason for this is IP
scarcity.  They have plenty of v4 space, so this allows them to charge for it.
v6 isn't going to make them any more money as they can't charge for it.

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