IPv6 and CDN's

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> > Another aspect that flabbergasts me anno 2021 is how there *still* are
> > BGP peering disputes between (more than two) major global internet
> service
> > providers in which IPv6 is 'held hostage' as part of slow commercial
> > negotiations. Surely end-to-end IPv6 connectivity should be a priority?
> Even the DNS root servers are not 100% reachable via IPv6.  I would think
> would have some standard about reachability for root operators.
> FWIW, I just was able to change my home office internet (I reside in the
> most
> densely populated county of Florida).  The new provider sold me a dual
> stack
> connection, however when they came to deliver it, there was no IPv6 as
> promised.  After spending almost a week playing phone tag, I finally got
> some
> one with clue.  I was told they have no support if IPv6 and no plans to
> ever
> support IPv6 as there is no way to monetize it.
> This leaves me in the same position as my prior circuit via the local cable
> co. (no plans to offer IPv6) but at least it's faster than the 2 meg up
> cable
> service.
> Until IPv6 becomes provides a way to make money for the ISP, I don't see it
> being offered outside of the datacenter.

87% of mobiles in the usa are ipv6


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