IPv6 and CDN's

tim at pelican.org tim at pelican.org
Fri Oct 22 16:08:08 UTC 2021

On Friday, 22 October, 2021 16:45, "Bryan Fields" <Bryan at bryanfields.net> said:

> Until IPv6 becomes provides a way to make money for the ISP, I don't see it
> being offered outside of the datacenter.

I don't think it'll ever make money, but I think it will reduce costs.  CGNAT boxes cost money, operating them costs money, dealing with the support fallout from them costs money.  Especially in the residential space, where essentially if the customer calls you, ever, you just blew years' worth of margin.

My residential ISP here in the UK routes me (and every other subscriber) a /56 without being asked.  (Their supplied CPE router just puts the first /64 on the LAN and refuses to process PD requests to hand out any of the other /64s, but baby steps...)


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