Questions about IRR best practices

Rubens Kuhl rubensk at
Fri Oct 22 13:58:15 UTC 2021

> 2. On the ARIN side, when ARIN-NONAUTH goes away next year, does that do away with our ability to do proxy route objects? Do we need to require all of our BGP customers to set up their own IRRs?

Not only ARIN. LACNIC and TC (the two IRRs covering the LAC region, TC
for Brazil, LACNIC for Mexico and other Latin American countries) have
strict non-proxy policies, and there is no -NONAUTH scape route.

> 3. On the RADb side, if we're turning up a new customer that doesn't have an IRR, and another ISP already has a proxy registration for that customer, is it sufficient for us to add that customer's AS to our customer AS-SET?

The problem with that is all of sudden the covering object could disappear.


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