more spaces in PTRs, this time

Mel Beckman mel at
Fri Oct 22 05:14:08 UTC 2021

Typo I’d say. DB-drive  DNS servers, which don’t keep their entries in traditional PTR-record text format, can fall victim to this. Rather than parse the text every times, they just spit out whatever is in the table column, even if it has embedded spaces. I’ve seen this happen in SnitchDNS. 

-mel via cell

> On Oct 21, 2021, at 9:08 PM, Steven Champeon <schampeo at> wrote:
> Anyone?
>\\ net
> dig -x
> 7200    IN    PTR    1-179-180.11.cisp.totisp.\032net.
> -- 
> v: +1(919)834-2552 f: +1(919)834-2553 w:
> Internet security and antispam hostname intelligence:

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