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 > How old are all you people?

My first experience with the ARPAnet was either 1977 or 1978 when
someone got me an ITS account at MIT (BARRYS at AI), I was working at

Tho I didn't really have much use for the net other than joining some
mailing lists I'd play with it. It was astounding to me. With a few
keystrokes I could get to a login prompt at Stanford or in London etc.

I was on the night the pentagon shut it down briefly (several
broadcast messages messing up my screen, I thought it was a prank,
then dead) because some students had just taken some US hostages in
Tehran. It wasn't on the news yet. They (pentagon) were testing their
ability to take it all under their control for some reason tho I think
the word "war" was on their minds. That was 1979-11-04.

So, pretty old.

        -Barry Shein

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