Internet history

John Levine johnl at
Thu Oct 21 19:08:18 UTC 2021

It appears that Patrick W. Gilmore <patrick at> said:
>My understanding is that really is IMP No. 1. Someone found it in the “to be scrapped” pile & rescued it, then they closed off room 3420 & made it a micro-museum. I believe the teletype
>is not the original, but is a real ASR-33. The Sigma 7 is a prop, I believe.

The IMP is real, as are some of the notebooks.  Everything else is a prop.

The terminal isn't even a model 33, it's a model 32 which says ITT in large letters so you know it was retired from
Telex service, not computing.

But it's definitely worth a visit, particularly if Len Kleinrock is around to give his spiel about "LO" the first message.


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