Network visibility

Daniel Seagraves dseagrav at
Wed Oct 20 22:06:19 UTC 2021

> On Oct 20, 2021, at 4:59 PM, Mel Beckman <mel at> wrote:
> For several years we had UCSB’s IMP control panel hanging in our office as a wall decoration (it belonged to Larry Green, one of the UCSB IMPlementors). I still have the manuals. The actual IMP with 56Kbps modem was in a huge rack with lifting eyes for a fork lift, and weighed about 500 lbs. Every IMP had a unique customized host interface, which packetized bit-serial data from the host over the host’s usually proprietary I/O bus. 

I know of at least one actual hardware PDP-10 (Not PDP-11) that is still connected to the public internet.

Mine will be if/when I ever get it working.

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