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Just as an interesting aside if you're interested in the history of 
networking, When Wizards Stayed Up Late is quite elucidating.


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>> Mark,
>> Before 1983, the ARPANET wasn’t an internet, let alone The Internet. Each ARPANET connection required a host-specific interface (the “IMP”) and simplex Network Control Protocol (NCP). NCP used users' email addresses, and routing had to be specified in advance within each NCP message.
> This is just so completely wrong as to be ludicrous.
> First of all, the IMP was the box.  Computers connected using the 
> protocols specified in BBN Report 1822 
> (
> NCP was alternately referred to as the Network Control PROGRAM and the 
> Network Control Protocol.  It essentially played the role of TCP, 
> managing pairs of simplex connections.
> Routing was completely dynamic - that was the whole point of the IMP 
> software. And routing did NOT require email addresses - those operated 
> much further up the protocol stack.
> Perhaps you're confusing this with UUCP mail addressing ("bang" 
> paths).  Or possibly BITNET or FidoNet - which I believe also were 
> source routed (but memory fails on that.
> re.
>> Even so, the Internet as a platform open to anyone didn’t start until 1992. I know you joined late, in 1999, so you probably missed out on this history. :)
> You know, there are people on this list who were back there in 1969, 
> and actually wrote some of that code - so you might want to stop 
> spouting nonsense.  (Not me, I was a user, starting in 1971, didn't 
> get to BBN until 1985 - when we were still dealing with stragglers who 
> didn't quite manage to cutover to TCP/IP on the Flag Day.)
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