NANOG 83 Agenda is LIVE + MORE - Register Now!

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Wed Oct 20 19:33:04 UTC 2021

*NANOG 83 Agenda is LIVE *
Less than 2 weeks away! Register TODAY!

*Mark the date. *Our full NANOG 83 schedule is live and ready for your
viewing pleasure! Coordinate your calendars now, so you are sure not to
miss out on any of the incredible programming in store.

Full details are available for upcoming talks and keynote presentations.
NANOG 83 will be available virtually +/or in-person in Minneapolis, MN.
The conference takes place Nov. 1 - 3 + Hackathon will kick off on Oct. 22.


*NANOG 83 EXPO Coming Soon*
Network + Meet with Tech Reps

Meet + network with reps from North American companies, at the NANOG
83 Virtual Expo!

Visit booths throughout the conference to learn about the latest
technologies + fun raffles. Doors will open on Monday, Nov. 1, and stay
open until Nov. 12.

*Join us for our N83 Community Meeting *
An Opportunity for your Voice to be Heard

Mark your calendar for the upcoming NANOG 83 Community Meeting, which will
take place Wednesday, Nov. 3 from 2:30 - 3:00 pm EDT. We invite your
feedback on recent developments within the organization.

Community Meeting will cover:

   - Impact of COVID on NANOG
   - Future technology updates on the website
   - Mentorship + Education Programs
   - Memorandum of Understanding with ICANN + ISOC
   - Most recent developments with current + future programming by PC
   - Carriers shutting down 3G in 2022, send us your 5G talks for N84!
   - 10th Anniversary of World IPv6 Day - June 6, 2022
   - PC Nominations in January/February 2022 - ask us now about serving.

NANOG, Edward McNair
Apple, Cat Gurinsky


*MANRS Steering Committee Needs You! *
Nominations will Close Next Friday

MANRS Steering Committee Needs You!! 👉 Nominations will close on Oct. 28th.

The MANRS community is looking for volunteers to serve on its new Steering
Committee. The Steering Committee will lead the community toward collective
responsibility for the resilience and security of the Internet’s global
routing system.

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