Network visibility

Mark Tinka mark at
Wed Oct 20 16:18:23 UTC 2021

On 10/20/21 18:08, Mel Beckman wrote:

> Mark,
> Before 1983, the ARPANET wasn’t an internet, let alone The Internet. 
> Each ARPANET connection required a host-specific interface (the “IMP”) 
> and simplex Network Control Protocol (NCP). NCP used users' 
> email addresses, and routing had to be specified in advance within 
> each NCP message.

I do know all of this, mate... I was just being dramatically facetious 
from my first response to the OP.

My point being that considering how long TCP/IP has been around, the 
best monitoring we have gotten, even today, doesn't work out-of-the-box. 
So a single solution is likely impractical, even with the best of 
intentions, and none of the massaging.

> Even so, the Internet as a platform open to anyone didn’t start until 
> 1992. I know you joined late, in 1999, so you probably missed out on 
> this history. :)

1995, actually. But that's not important...


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