Network visibility

Mark Tinka mark at
Wed Oct 20 15:04:15 UTC 2021

On 10/20/21 11:55, Nat Fogarty wrote:

> Hi there,
> I'm interested in what you good folks do in terms of network visibility.
> My interests are around Service Provider space - visibility for IPoE, 
> PPPoE, TCP(User Experience).
> I use a product called "VoIPmonitor" for all things VoIP - and it is 
> one of my favourite tools.  It is a web gui for sip/rtp/etc.
> Is there a similar tool in the Ethernet(L2)/IP(L3) space?
> Are operators using tcpdump/wireshark for this - or is there a 
> voipmonitor-esque tool out there?

It's 2021, and more than 40 years of the Internet, we still can't walk 
into a shop and buy an NMS that just works :-).

Oddly, I was searching for a good system to manage subscriber management 
on our end (Broadband), and we eventually landed on Splynx.

So not sure if you want to see things on the wire (Layer 1 - 4), or if 
you are interested in pretty pictures...

At any rate, you may very well need more than one system to monitor your 
entire network.


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