S.Korea broadband firm sues Netflix after traffic surge

Josh Luthman josh at imaginenetworksllc.com
Mon Oct 18 14:02:56 UTC 2021

Imagine it's 2008 and your AP is pushing out 3 mbps. Customers are all
happy.  Suddenly, Netflix demands 10x what you're offering.  Customers are
not happy.

Customers don't understand.  People don't understand.  There are a million
cogs in the machine and if the path of least resistance is to turn left, an
ISP is going to turn left.

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On Fri, Oct 1, 2021 at 10:19 AM Blake Hudson <blake at ispn.net> wrote:

> On 10/1/2021 8:48 AM, Sean Donelan wrote:
> > South Korean Internet service provider SK Broadband has sued Netflix
> > to pay for costs from increased network traffic and maintenance work
> > because of a surge of viewers to the U.S. firm's content, an SK
> > spokesperson said on Friday.
> > [...]
> > Last year, Netflix had brought its own lawsuit on whether it had any
> > obligation to pay SK for network usage, arguing Netflix's duty ends
> > with creating content and leaving it accessible. It said SK's expenses
> > were incurred while fulfilling its contractual obligations to Internet
> > users, and delivery in the Internet world is "free of charge as a
> > principle", according to court documents.
> > [...]
> >
> >
> https://www.reuters.com/business/media-telecom/skorea-broadband-firm-sues-netflix-after-traffic-surge-squid-game-2021-10-01/
> >
> >
> I'll never understand over how ISPs see content providers as the enemy
> (or a rival). The content is why ISPs have customers. Don't get upset
> when your customer uses the service that you sold them (in a way that is
> precisely in accordance with the expected usage)!
> Netflix, as an example, has even been willing to bear most of the cost
> with peering or bringing servers to ISPs to reduce the ISP's costs and
> improve the ISP customer's experience. It's about time Netflix played
> chicken with one of these ISPs and stopped offering service  (or offered
> limited service) to the ISPs that try to extort them and other content
> providers: Sorry, your service provider does not believe in net
> neutrality and has imposed limitations on your Netflix experience. For a
> better Netflix experience, consider exploring one of these other nearby
> internet providers: x, y, z.
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