DNS pulling BGP routes?

Mark Tinka mark at tinka.africa
Mon Oct 18 11:28:26 UTC 2021

On 10/18/21 10:11, Masataka Ohta wrote:

> As you are seemingly requesting international legal formality,
> let me point out there are "International Telecommunication
> Regulations", based on which network neutrality is discussed
> by ITU.

And since when does the IETF world follow the ITU standards?

Even though ITU heads don't think much of IETF heads, you can't find an 
SDH or DWDM port in a laptop. On the other hand, GMPLS is based on OSPF, 
IS-IS and RSVP-TE :-).

> No, of course. So?

Well, I'll be asking my bank to sell me some IP Transit or DIA, then, 
since they are running an IP network.

> That cost is negligible compared to the cost to prepare
> access network all over the continent, I'm afraid.

It may be, it may not be. The reason is only one or a small handful of 
folk are investing US$700 million into a submarine cable.

On the other hand, access networks are built by several operators, all 
competing. So no single operator building an access network is spending 
more than the content folk laying pipe in the Atlantic and Indian oceans.

> The essential difference is whether they are neutral or not.

Well, the issue is you want to label things. I can see this is what is 
causing your confusion.

Willing buyer, willing seller. That's all that's needed. If the seller 
doesn't like the buyer, they move on. If the buyer doesn't like the 
seller, they move on.

> Are you saying that there is no such thing as tier 1 ISPs?

Hehe, let's not go down that rat hole.

But no, I don't believe in "tiers" for service provider networks. 
Haven't done so in nearly 15 years.

Heck, my marketing team are always asking if we can identify ourselves 
as "Tier 1" because we own and operate a submarine cable. I'm sure you 
can guess my answer to them...

Personally, I don't care whether you are "transit-free" or not. You 
cannot provide an Internet service to the entire world from just one 
operator (network or content). So trying to be "bigger" than the other 
guy is a pointless exercise. Jane + Thatho don't care about your 
measuring contest.


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