DNS pulling BGP routes?

Sabri Berisha sabri at cluecentral.net
Sun Oct 17 18:18:00 UTC 2021

----- On Oct 17, 2021, at 4:50 AM, Masataka Ohta mohta at necom830.hpcl.titech.ac.jp wrote:


> Matthew Petach wrote:

>> One of the key aspects to both CDN providers and transit
>> providers is they tend to be multi-national organizations with
>> infrastructure in multiple countries on multiple continents.
> Your theory that multi-national entities can not be
> targets of anti-trust agencies of individual countries
> and can enjoy world wide oligopoly is totally against
> the reality.

At face value, your statement is correct. In context, it is unrealistic.

Government anti-trust intervention is nothing less than the (a) government
interfering in private business. In most civilized countries, that requires
a strong legal basis as the government is essentially infringing on private
property which is protected in most Constitutions.

Therefore, anti-trust intervention is only considered in markets where there
are a relatively small amount of competitors and this lack of competition
harms the consumer, or when one or more dominant parties use their position
to force smaller companies into unreasonable compliance with their wishes.

The CDN market has multiple competitors, and the barrier to entry the market
is relatively low as you don't have any last-mile issues or difficult-to-get
government license requirements.

And let's not even begin to talk about anti-trust for content providers; on
just my Roku I have Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Discovery+, 
FandangoNow (although they moved into something else I think), NatGeo+, 
Sling TV, Nickelodeon, and a bunch more that I can't even remember. Plenty
of competition there.



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