Increase bandwidth usage in partial-mesh network?

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Thu Oct 14 05:43:49 UTC 2021

Maybe something like this (if you can break it into different bgp ASNs by
network area):


On Wed, Oct 13, 2021, 10:30 Adam Thompson <athompson at> wrote:

> Looking for recommendtions or suggestions...
> I've got a downstream customer asking for help;  they have a private
> internal network that I've taken to calling the "partial-mesh network from
> hell": it's got two partially-overlapping radio networks, mixed with
> islands of isolated fiber connectivity.
> Dynamic routing protocols (IS-IS, OSPF, EIGRP, etc.) generally will only
> select the _best_ path, they won't spread the load unless all paths are
> equal - and they are very unequal in this network, ECMP would likely fail
> horribly.
> The network is becoming bandwidth-limited, so they're wanting to make use
> of all available paths, not just the single "best" path.  It's also remote
> and spread out, so adding new links or upgrading existing links is
> difficult and expensive.
> Oh, and their routers are overdue for a refresh, so acquiring replacement
> h/w is now possible.
> Has anyone come across any product or technology that can handle the
> multi-path-ness and the private-network-ness like a regular router, but
> also provides the intelligent per-flow path steering based on e.g. latency,
> like an SD-WAN device (and/or some firewalls)?
> Here's hoping,
> -Adam
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