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Wed Oct 13 21:44:44 UTC 2021

A NANOG 83 Attendees' Guide to Minneapolis
Get ready to feel welcomed in the industrial landmark city, known as the
birthplace of iconic musicians, incredible museums, + the "Minnesota nice"

Our next meeting, NANOG 83 (Nov. 1 - 3), will be located near the
breathtaking end of the Mississippi River in Minnesota.

When community members need a break from improving the Internet of
tomorrow, here is a list of the "best of the best" to experience in

Meet our Keynote Speakers
"Geeky Entrepreneur" + Government Intelligence Cybersecurity Pro

*Meet Bert Hubert:* Bert (@PowerDNS_Bertis) is the founder of PowerDNS, a
software that powers a significant fraction of the Internet. He also did
government cybersecurity work and co-founded a software company in that
field. These days, Bert does DNA research and is part of the governing
board regulating the Dutch intelligence and security agencies.

*Date:* Tuesday, Nov 2 at 10 am Central virtually, live Q&A.
*Talk Title: *Who Controls the Internet? And Should They?

*Abstract of Presentation:*  This presentation discusses how control of the
internet experience is moving more and more into the hands of browser and
phone vendors. The advent of end-to-end encryption, also on control planes
and metadata like DNS, means that no one else can influence the Internet -
except in extremely heavy-handed and binary fashion...

Meet our Keynote Speakers
Chief Technology Officer & Vice President, Product Engineering &

*Meet John Brzozowski: *@jjmbcom - Talks about #iot, #lorawan, and
#loraalliance. John is an executive technology leader with a deep
understanding of product development and infrastructure across multiple
industries and diverse product and service offerings.

*Date: *Wednesday, Nov 3 at 10 am Central virtually, live from the Grand
Lakes Ballroom.
*Talk Title: * IPv6 - The Next 10 years

*Abstract of Presentation: *World IPv6 Day was in 2011, World IPv6 Launch
in 2012. We will briefly reflect on the status of IPv6 deployment across
eyeball and content networks - 10 years later. We will take a look at
statistics across a wide range of public and private (cited) sources...

We Have Missed You!
Less than 3 Weeks until NANOG 83 - Register Now!

*Reunited, and it feels so good. *We cannot wait to see you in person
and/or virtually at NANOG 83 in less than three weeks! Complimentary
registration is available for those in need and virtual only.

*Have concerns about traveling during the pandemic?* Check out our Safety +
Travel Guide. <> Time
is running out, don't miss all the incredible networking opportunities and
programming now.

Let's Hack!
Still, Time to Register for NANOG 83 Hybrid Hackathon

*There's still time! *Register for the Hackathon today. Virtual kick-off is
on Oct 22, + hacking is on Oct 30 - 31.

*Hackathons are an essential part of NANOG conferences,* designed to be
both fun and engaging. NANOG Hackathons are hands-on and educational at
their core — directly supporting the most critical aspects of our mission.
All levels are welcome to participate, and as always, registration is free.
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