verizon fios, northeast, routing issues?

James Jun james.jun at
Sat Oct 9 21:11:20 UTC 2021

> On Sat, Oct 9, 2021, 13:45 Miles Fidelman <mfidelman at>
> 2. origin - - level.3 - endpoint is just bizarre, one would
> think that the regional FIOS network has a direct connection to level.3

No.  Former verizon-gni backbone (where FiOS sits) takes transit solely from VZB (now UUNET), 
this has been the case for many many years, but most people get confused when interpretting
traceroutes due to mpls no-ttl-propagate on VZ networks.

> (it also seems kind of odd that the packets are flowing from Acton MA,
> to Boston, and back out to Marlboro MA - there's an awful lot of fiber
> running along Rt. 495, and the networks are fairly dense around here)

Level3-VZB-px is at 300 Bent Street, Cambridge, MA, where both parties have peering routers installed
( and BR1.BOS30.ALTER.NET).  It makes perfect sense for interconnection to occur
in Cambridge/Boston, rather than maintaining peering routers out in the suburb within the same metro.

None of these are contributory factors to the issues you're describing.


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