What Eyeballs Did During The Facebook Nap

Mark Tinka mark at tinka.africa
Fri Oct 8 15:17:27 UTC 2021

On 10/8/21 16:34, Steven Bakker via NANOG wrote:

> My inner cynic is interpreting this data a bit differently. Instead of 
> going out for a walk or just engage in the gentle art of doing 
> nothing, the social media users need something to keep their minds 
> distracted from the here and now. Anything to avoid having to do any 
> kind of self-reflection or, heaven forbid, live in the moment. And I 
> fear that it doesn't apply to adolescents only...

Your reflection is the same as mine - we enjoy sedentary lives, staring 
at some kind of electronic. No doubt about that. It's not unlike why 
most people that give up cigarettes end up gaining weight, because they 
give up nicotine, and replace it with chronic excessive consumption of 
carbohydrates :-).

However, if we are going to Netflix as an alternative to "scrolling 
through time lines like droids on a train", then perhaps something that 
stimulates our brain and prevents it from shrinking due to a lack of 
complex body movements that the brain is mainly designed to manage, is 
what Netflix could look into, for humanity's sake.


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