IRR for IX peers

Randy Bush randy at
Thu Oct 7 14:26:46 UTC 2021

>> i was hoping that, if 3130 said it is peering with martha, artemis
>> would get a clue and stfu
> right. This was klunked around using the export-via and import-via
> rpsl constructions (draft-snijders-rpsl-via), which never quite made
> it to ietf wg adoption status. It did, however, point out how limited
> RPSL grammar was :(

i was an early and serious fan of rpsl; see my nanog preso from '96, yes, postscript, portrait mode,
probably on acetate, not comic sans, and not magenta.  as i said, early.

it was sabatoged, thanks sean; though to make the point that it was not
at all authenticated.

it has proved useful, though far from a panacea.  but i fear that
scaling issues, lack of authentication, etc. discouraged work and
it is slowly fading.


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