DNS pulling BGP routes?

Jean St-Laurent jean at ddostest.me
Thu Oct 7 11:18:10 UTC 2021

Something public that we know now, is that it's possible to totally shut down facebook and restart it. 

Can we shutdown the full internet one day and see if it will restart properly without too much hack here and there?


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On 10/7/21 08:26, Hank Nussbacher wrote:

> Better question is why do we not see any FB netadmins on NANOG? I'm 
> not talking about October 2021 but rather over the past 3-5 years how 
> many FB techies have posted here like we see people from Google, 
> Cloudflare, Akamai, etc.?

They are likely here, but BigContent does not really endorse talking about their operations in public fora, typically without PR/Legal OK.

For those who talk about stuff, it's either stuff that is already public, publicly-known, or in their own capacity not representing their employer.


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