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Jay Hennigan jay at
Tue Oct 5 17:13:43 UTC 2021

On 10/5/21 09:49, Warren Kumari wrote:

> Can someone explain to me, preferably in baby words, why so many 
> providers view information like 
> <> as secret/proprietary?
> I've interacted with numerous providers who require an NDA or 
> pinky-swear to get a list of their communities -- is this really just 1: 
> security through obscurity, 2: an artifact of the culture of not 
> sharing, 3: an attempt to seem cool by making you jump through hoops to 
> prove your worthiness, 4: some weird 'mah competitors won't be able to 
> figure out my secret sauce without knowing that 17 means Asia, or 5: 
> something else?

Not sure the rationale of leeping them secret, but at least one 
aggregated source of dozens of them exists and has been around for a 
long time.

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