massive facebook outage presently

bzs at bzs at
Mon Oct 4 21:50:07 UTC 2021

One might think in over six hours they could point's DNS
somewhere else and put up a page with some info about the outage
there, that this would be a practiced firedrill.

Yeah yeah cache blah blah but it'd get around and at least would be
coming from them. I'd imagine some mutual pact with google's or
amazon's or microsoft's cloud server(s), for example, could handle it
for a few hours, and vice-versa.

I only mean a single, simple information page like the "sorry we're
working on it" I saw just before they came back.

Then again what else would one assume?

17:44 They seem to be back, more or less, slowly loading the usual
crazy sauce.

So out about 6 hours and some.

        -Barry Shein

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