massive facebook outage presently

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No evidence that it’s intentional but…..   What’s going to be the big headline tonight?    A Facebook whistleblower or a global outage that kept everyone from arguing all day long?


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> Although I believe it's generally true that if a company appears
> prominently in the news it's liable to be attacked I assume because
> the miscreants sit around thinking "hmm, who shall we attack today oh
> look at that shiny headline!" I'd hate to ascribe any altruistic
> motivation w/o some evidence like even a credible twitter post (maybe
> they posted that on FB? :-)

I personally believe that the outage was caused by human error and not
something malicious. Time will tell.

However, if you missed the 60 Minutes piece, it was a former employee
who spoke out with some rather powerful observations. I don't think that
this type of worldwide outage was caused by an outside bad actor. It is
certainly within the realm of possibility that it was an inside job.

In other news:

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