IRR for IX peers

Randy Bush randy at
Mon Oct 4 20:15:41 UTC 2021

>> what are others in this space doing?
> not using import/export lines in their RS or router configs, for
> starters.  Probably you could count the number of IXPs that inspect
> import/export lines on the fingers of one hand, and possibly of one
> finger.
> Generally speaking, IXPs try to aim for filters based on a single
> {as-set,IRRDB set} tuple per RS client configured.  If you're aiming
> for bilat bgp sessions, then this functionality would need to be
> replicated. Nearly 30 years on, this is still the state of the art.

i am not looking for the SIX to filter, though they do filtering.

my issue is

   3130 --- SIX --- martha --- RIS

artemis runs off a RIS feed

martha is telling RIS MARTHA_3130 and artemis is saying that martha
is trying to hijack 3130's prefix.

i was hoping that, if 3130 said it is peering with martha, artemis would
get a clue and stfu


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