massive facebook outage presently

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Mon Oct 4 19:11:50 UTC 2021

Although I believe it's generally true that if a company appears
prominently in the news it's liable to be attacked I assume because
the miscreants sit around thinking "hmm, who shall we attack today oh
look at that shiny headline!" I'd hate to ascribe any altruistic
motivation w/o some evidence like even a credible twitter post (maybe
they posted that on FB? :-)

I wonder how often the US White House, congress, et al are attacked
since they appear in almost any top headline list often centering on
something someone out there really doesn't like?

On October 4, 2021 at 17:35 mel at (Mel Beckman) wrote:
 > Suspiciously, this comes the morning after Facebook whistleblower Frances
 > Haugen disclosed on 60 Minutes that Facebook's own research shows that it chose
 > to profit from misinformation and political unrest through deliberate
 > escalation of conflicts. Occam’s razor says “When multiple causes are
 > plausible, and CBS 60 Minutes is one of them, go with 60 Minutes.” :)
 >  -mel 
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