The Outage

Matthew Petach mpetach at
Mon Oct 4 18:31:34 UTC 2021

On Mon, Oct 4, 2021 at 10:58 AM Andy Ringsmuth <andy at> wrote:

> I suppose it could just be me.
> Or it could be more than just me.
> Anyone else noticing that at the same time as the giant FB outage, both
> the outages and outages-discussion lists are suddenly slow as molasses in
> January too?
> Checking some headers on messages that do make it through to outages, I’m
> seeing delays up to an hour and a half.
> I sent one messages to outages-discussion at 11:41 CDT (75 minutes ago)
> and haven’t seen it show up yet.

Isn't it "outages-discuss", not "outages-discussion"?

Does it show up faster if you send to outages-discuss instead?

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