IRR for IX peers

Randy Bush randy at
Mon Oct 4 16:44:27 UTC 2021

so i have an AS (3130) which peers at the SIX (RSs and some direct).

in the hope that leak detectors such as artemis would stop false
positives when they see my prefixes announced customer cones of SIX
peers, i want to add the SIX peers to my aut-num: policy.

export:  to    AS-SEATTLEIX-RS-CLIENTS  announce AS-RG-SEA

seems clear and obvious.  but


would seem to allow bill's bait and sushi to announce microsoft to me.
and i am not sure that expansive `from` clause is actually allowed.

what are others in this space doing?

[ and let's not descend into the rat-hole of dissing the IRR.  i have
  heard of this RPKI thing and might try it some day. ]


randy at
`gpg --locate-external-keys --auto-key-locate wkd randy at`
signatures are back, thanks to dmarc header butchery

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