ntp with dhcp

Hal Murray halmurray+nanog at sonic.net
Sun Oct 3 06:25:09 UTC 2021

> I'm looking for statistics on setting NTP servers on clients using DHCP, in
> the wild. Does anyone know if there is any available somewhere? 

That brings up an interesting can of worms.

If you run a NAT box with lots of clients, please don't point your NTP clients 
at the pool.  I can't tell your/their traffic from DDoS traffic.

Please setup your own NTP server(s) and point your customers at them.  (If you 
need help with that, poke me off-list.)

I have a couple of servers in the pool.  The pool distributes the load by 
rotating DNS entries with a 150 second TTL.  I see bursts of  100 to 1000 
requests per second for roughly 150 seconds.

These are my opinions.  I hate spam.

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