New minimum speed for US broadband connections

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This is a good point as well… you can have the largest pipe in the world, but in many cases, in-home service issues are caused by crappy CPE.

Example… my neighborhood has 1000/50 GPON (rather silly to offer such poor upload speed, but that’s irrelevant in this case) provided by a local outfit, Entouch (now Grande/RCN) as part of HOA dues… Many people in the neighborhood do not use it and blame the ISP for offering “mediocre service”, simply because there is no fancy CPE included as part of the service offering. Yet as soon as you swap that $25 Netgear router pre-installed by the home builder’s structured wiring contractor for something that’s worth a damn, the pipe is actually usable…

With that said, if there needs to be regulation on minimum broadband speeds, should there be regulation to require home ISPs to provide high-end 802.11ax-capable network gear, so the average clueless home user with a 1gbps FTTP connection can actually use the service they’re paying for?


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Was that the fault of the broadband provider or was that the fault of the indoor WiFi?  Is it possible the router has so much interference from all of the neighbors and everyones using 2.4 GHz?  What if that example had a cable connection with 960/40 mbps and they're limited to 5 mbps up because of the in house WiFi solution?

Would upping the broadband plan to 1000/1000 fix that problem?

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Once upon a time, Mike Hammett <nanog at<mailto:nanog at>> said:
> "Bad connection" measures way more than throughput.
> What about WFH or telehealth doesn't work on 25/3?

More than one person in a residence, home security systems (camera,
doorbell, etc.) uploading continuously, and more.

I know multiple people that had issues with slow Internet during the
last year as two adults were working from home and 1-3 children were
also schooling from home.  Parents had to arrange work calls around
their kids classroom time and around each other's work calls, because of
limited bandwidth.

The time of the Internet being a service largely for consumption of data
is past.  While school-from-home may be a passing thing as the pandemic
wanes, it looks like work-from-home (at least part time) is not going to
go away for a whole lot of people/companies.

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