MPLS/MEF Switches and NIDs

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When you say "Beware using any EXOS-based product (anything that starts
with "X") unless you're already familiar with EXOS!" Are you saying stay
away from this line completely, or what do you mean by this statement. I
have heard good things about Extreme for deploying service provider G.8032
and MPLS functions.

Yes, I was aware of and
have gone through pretty much every vendor looking at their solutions.
Extreme for example is not listed at all, so I guess they didn't want to
pay those fees! There are quite a few Chinese vendors we can't use.

On Mon, May 31, 2021 at 12:44 PM Adam Thompson <athompson at>

> Extreme has excellent MEF implementations.  I've never used their MPLS
> implementations, but it's definitely there on, I think, all their
> products.  I only have the X620 model in my network, which may or may not
> work for you.  Beware using any EXOS-based product (anything that starts
> with "X") unless you're already familiar with EXOS!  I cannot emphasise
> this enough!
> Extreme's other product lines come from Nortel/Avaya and Broadcom
> heritage, and also have good MEF implementations (and more-or-less-sane
> OSes).  They have MPLS support, but again, no experience with it.
> I can't give much advice on pricing as I get both edu & gov discounts, but
> they are competitive with Arista and Cisco when we go to RFP.
> Also, Juniper's MX (and maybe PTX?) families support MEF if that's a hard
> requirement.  I know *some* but not all EX switches have had both MEF and
> MPLS, too.  Beware many EX models have pretty minimalist MPLS
> implementations (e.g. no VPLS).  Agreed on their pricing, though, which is
> why I don't have any 🙂.  But for 4x10G the MX104 is a very nice box - if
> you can afford it.
> Lastly, have you seen ?
> -Adam
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> *Subject:* MPLS/MEF Switches and NIDs
> For MPLS and MEF switches, I know Juniper, Cisco, and Nokia are commonly
> talked about on this list. However, I was wondering if anyone has
> evaluated other brands? We are not interested in looking at chinese based
> vendors, so ZTE and Huawei are not an option. Anyone else worth looking
> into?
> We have used Juniper's ACX line primarily, but there is a big gap in their
> product line. The ACX2200 has only two 10G ports. The next jump up from
> there is the ACX710 with 24 10G ports. They have nothing in between that
> has 4-12 10G ports. Not to mention, Juniper is very proud price wise. We
> are looking for cost efficient 10G NIDs with at least 4 10G ports on them
> and aggregation boxes with at least 12 10G ports on them with 25g/100G
> uplinks.
> Ciena seems to have multiple options available with Segment Routing, MPLS,
> and streaming telemetry support. I am probably most interested in
> what Ciena has to offer. Has anyone deployed the 3000 or 5000 product line
> of Ciena? How does it compare to Juniper? The Ciena 3924 is sub $1000 for
> example, and has 4 10G ports on it.
> Adva has quite a few options as well, but I don't think their routing
> stack is as strong as Ciena's.
> Tejas was an unknown player to me, but they seem to have a couple of
> options that fit the bill. Price wise, I have heard the run circles around
> everyone.
> RAD has some options, but their pricing looks much higher than Ciena.
> Accedian looked interesting, but it seems they don't make aggregation
> switches, only NIDs.
> ECI Telecom / Ribbon seems to have some options, but I have not talked to
> them.
> What does Nokia and Cisco have in this space, and price wise is it going
> to compare to these less known vendors?
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