New minimum speed for US broadband connections

Mark Tinka mark at
Mon May 31 14:53:47 UTC 2021

On 5/31/21 11:32, Baldur Norddahl wrote:

> But why would the goal be fiber to every household? There are other 
> ways to deliver good internet. In fact all of the major platforms can 
> do so: fiber, coax, DSL, fixed wireless, 4G / 5G. The fiber platform 
> will do so naturally, the others may require some extra investment but 
> are still options.

I think the goal to get fibre to all corners should be maintained. 
However, one has to remain practical and use the most appropriate 
alternative, if fibre is not feasible.

> Of course there are developing countries where the goal is any 
> internet at all. I hope that is not the case for US broadband.

I have often been surprised about the quality of the Internet in 
"developed" environments :-).


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