New minimum speed for US broadband connections

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Need vs. want. 

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I am in Europe / Denmark. The EU has defined broadband to be 100 Mbps download with nothing specified for upload. The goal is for everyone to have access to broadband by 2025. 

Such definitions do help those in rural areas. In fact this is precisely useful for those that do not currently have access. It helps to make goals and to measure how we are progressing. 

All current technologies can deliver broadband, including DSL, coax, 5G and fixed wireless. But maybe not without investment. That DSL plant might need upgrading to the latest VDSL and cabinets closer to the customer. The coax might need upgrades etc. But that is the point. Providers will need to invest to be able to claim broadband. 

On the other hand a soft easy broadband definition is useless in my opinion. Then everyone has broadband, hurray, but many have slow internet and nothing is going to be done because it is broadband! 


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