New minimum speed for US broadband connections

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Nobody is waiting for anything, other than when COD drops. 

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> Curious, when you look at the usage on those 100/100 plans. What are they actually using? If they aren't actually using it, then why up the minimum? 

Simple, our time isn’t free. The less time humanity itself spends waiting on downloads, the more we spend loving, celebrating, embracing, playing and exploring. 

Really, fiber is fiber, it’s just about optics from there, and those are cheap. 

Relatively speaking. 

(And ignoring WISPSs and rural economies of scale but I digress.) 

8 billion fiber drops for 8 billion people. 

That’s what it will take to wire the future. 32k res AR environments; 1TB video games, distance learning via implant, full self driving cars - Qualcomm itself says bandwidth is to grow 1000-fold in the next 9 years alone. 

Are you ready? 

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