New minimum speed for US broadband connections

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That's not based in any kind of reality. 

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100/100 minimum for sure. 

In our small neck of the woods, we are currently doing 250/250 for $45 and 1000/1000 for $60 no data caps. 

We have lost some grants on rural builds because "someone" in the census block claims they provide broadband.. Not hard to put an AP up on a tower and hit the current definition's upload speed. 

I get a chuckle when the providers tell the customer what they "need"... 

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On Thu, 27 May 2021, Lady Benjamin Cannon of Glencoe, ASCE wrote: 
> At least 100/100. 
> We don’t like selling slower than 10g anymore, that’s what I’d start everyone at if I could. 

At $50/month or less? 

Maximize number of households of all demographic groups. 

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