MPLS/MEF Switches and NIDs

Patrick Cole z at
Sat May 29 02:17:09 UTC 2021

We ran a medium sized mpls network using ciena 3900 and 5000 series boxes 
on our microwave network.

Nothing but problems, the mpls code was just not mature enough and our 
radio network had the boxes falling apart at the seams as storms rolled 
through.  At that time they didn't support FRR or proper CSPF so everything 
had to be manually engineered active standby LSPs. Not sure if things have 
changed now. These boxes have Nortel vintage and they seemed best delloyed 
using PBB TE as it was mature.

As an NID though they are not a bad option but not in core or aggregation IMHO.

On 29 May 2021 08:49:51 Colton Conor <colton.conor at> wrote:
> Yes, I was surprised as you that they have these routing features. I was 
> also surprised they had multiple boxes that compete with aggregation 
> devices like the ACX5048. The question is how good is Ciena's MPLS, 
> switching, and routing stack compared to the established players of 
> Juniper, Cisco, and Nokia? Ciena is no small company, so I think they would 
> have the resources to make it happen.
> On Fri, May 28, 2021 at 12:32 PM <aaron1 at> wrote:
> Wow, ciena has the means to implement SR and MPLS services?  I mean they 
> run the underlying LS IGP to signal those SID’s ??  I didn’t know that.  I 
> may look at them in the future then.  I thought Ciena just did some sort of 
> static mpls-tp or something…
> We use Accedian as NID’s with SkyLight director for PAA (SLA stuff)…and 
> uplink those into our network at (yester-year, Cisco ME3600’s and 
> ASR9000’s), but now, ACX5048 and MX204
> -Aaron

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