MPLS/MEF Switches and NIDs

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The Accedian boxes are nice, as long as you remember they're not switches or routers.  We've used them for specific use cases, but have to remember that there's things you just can't do on them.  Though things may have changed on them since we used them.
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Wow, ciena has the means to implement SR and MPLS services?  I mean they run the underlying LS IGP to signal those SID’s ??  I didn’t know that.  I may look at them in the future then.  I thought Ciena just did some sort of static mpls-tp or something…
We use Accedian as NID’s with SkyLight director for PAA (SLA stuff)…and uplink those into our network at (yester-year, Cisco ME3600’s and ASR9000’s), but now, ACX5048 and MX204

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