MPLS/MEF Switches and NIDs

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7210-sas-s or 7210-sas-sx is the low cost 24/48x1 4x10G option. These are very affordable and reliable MPLS transport devices. You’ll need to contact your local Nokia rep for pricing.




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Thanks, I wasn't aware of this model. This would compete with the ACX710 based on the specs (actually have a bit more ports). I guess I will have to reach out, but price wise where does this box come in? 


What is Nokia's low cost NID that has at least 4 10G ports? 


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The Nokia 7250-ixr-e covers exactly the port density and price range you are looking for. 24x1/10, 8x10/25 and 2x100G with 300G total capacity.


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We have used Juniper's ACX line primarily, but there is a big gap in their product line. The ACX2200 has only two 10G ports. The next jump up from there is the ACX710 with 24 10G ports. They have nothing in between that has 4-12 10G ports. Not to mention, Juniper is very proud price wise. We are looking for cost efficient 10G NIDs with at least 4 10G ports on them and aggregation boxes with at least 12 10G ports on them with 25g/100G uplinks. 

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