WATCH as Vint Cerf talks about "Interplanetary Networking" + Hackathon: For the Passionate Engineer

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Mon May 24 17:35:01 UTC 2021

Don't Miss Vint Cerf <>present
"The Evolution of Interplanetary Networking" *WATCH NOW:*
<>In this clip, NANOG 82 Keynote speaker and a
"Father of the Internet" Vint Cerf explains how the discussion of
"interplanetary networking" began.

"...And our conclusion was why don't we think about building a network that
could operate across the entire solar system in order to provide
communications capability for both manned and robotic spacecraft. So, that
is what launched us into a discussion about interplanetary
networking," Vint Cerf

Don't miss the rest of Cerf's *earth-shattering* talk at NANOG 82 Virtual.

*Answer your burning questions:* there will be a live Q+A session following
the presentation.

Hackathon: Creative Outlet for the Passionate Engineer

*Hackathons are not only a key part of our conferences, but a unique
opportunity* to engage in the sheer “joy of creation,” collaboration and
learning within the networking industry.

*“It’s relatively easy to take a class and do homework, but this is a venue
for people who are really passionate about what they are doing,” *NANOG
Hackathon Committee Chair and Netflix Director of Engineering Michael
Costello said.

*“It's an opportunity for participants to do something that is not
required, but instead in service of learning, **expressing and enhancing
their own level of excellence,” *Costello continued.


*Women in Tech: We want to hear from you! *

   - What topics would you like to discuss in break-out rooms?
   - What topics have not been addressed that need to be discussed?

*Please send all topics to nanogpc at with subject line "women in

*NANOG 82 Networking Sessions:*

*Newcomers *Monday:
an opportunity for those new to NANOG to connect with NANOG veterans
*Women in Tech *Tuesday:
an opportunity to discuss diversity issues, develop solutions, and connect
with mentors and peers
*Birds of a Feather (BOF) *Wednesday:
informal networking around specific topics related to network operations
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