Tier1 BGP filter generation data sources & frequency

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I thought everyone was supposed to be migrating to MANRS. ;-)

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On Saturday, 22 May 2021 00:40, Clinton Work <clinton at scripty.com> wrote:

> Is there any compiled information for Tier1 providers on the supported BGP filter generation data sources and frequency?
> This is what I have been able to determine so far:
> -   TATA AS6453: IRR and RPKI ROAs (http://lg.as6453.net/doc/cust-routing-policy.html)
> -   Cogent AS174: unknown
> -   NTT 2914: IRR, ARIN WHOIS OriginAS, NIC.br whois, RPKI ROAs (https://www.gin.ntt.net/support-center/policies-procedures/routing/)
> -   Lumen AS3356: IRR
> -   Telia AS1299: IRR
>     TATA is going to deprecate new RADB, NTTCOM, and ALTDB route objects starting Aug 15, 2021 and I was hoping that more providers would add RPKI ROAs as a data source for BGP filter generation. Supporting RPKI ROAs would mean that you don't have to create both IRR route objects and RPKI ROAs for each IP block.
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>     Clinton Work

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