Juniper hardware recommendation

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Sat May 8 21:37:35 UTC 2021

lør. 8. maj 2021 22.56 skrev Mark Tinka <mark at>:

> On 5/8/21 22:50, Baldur Norddahl wrote:
> >
> > Maybe they did in the ACX710? Does most things except full routing table.
> We looked at it. Apart from supporting only DC power (which we don't
> like), it's Broadcom.
> Granted, there's a whole new line of ACX7XXX boxes they are putting out,
> one of which we shall be testing. So I'm giving Broadcom a chance.
> Mark.

It is possible to get a 48V 6A DC power supply as a power brick laptop
style. Just look at it as an external psu :-)

I will admit that we use them with 48 volt battery banks the way intended.
It has become extremely cheap and easy to make your own with lithium iron
phosphate batteries.


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