Juniper hardware recommendation

Vincent Bernat bernat at
Sat May 8 04:44:25 UTC 2021

 ❦  7 mai 2021 21:14 GMT, Adam Thompson:

>   * Skip the MX 2k/10k series – they don’t support SFP+ interfaces!
> (“No 10G WDM for you!”) Also no 1G, you need a separate step-down
> switch for that. I don’t know what SP Juniper thinks they’re targeting
> with these.

The 10k can take 10G SFP+ using an adapter. It works fine, but this can
feel like a waste. Something like that:

This is seen as a 4x breakout cable.

>   * 1U/2U EX/QFX are reasonable edge devices as long as you’ve
> verified they can do what you need. Not core-router class IMHO.

QFX10k is different from the others. From my experience, it is very
capable and the "Q" versions are quite versatile (many port
configurations, cheap), but Juniper is trying to push the new PTXs with
the same hardware, but not the same price tag, this is a bit confusing.
I don't do MPLS, so I may not see its limitations, but it supports
several full views and is the flagship for BGP EVPN VXLAN implementation
for Juniper.
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