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Routers for the whole Alphabet Soup.

     MX204, MX960 are pretty much headache free.  Heck even MX240 could 
be a good start if you are on a budget.
     ( Watch for the EoL )

Distribution ( MPLS Alphabet Soup without VXLAN/EVPN )

     QFX5100 made us feel like being full time members of the Juniper QA 
Team.  But once your find ALL the limitation of their chipset, they 
won't fail you.
     ( Chipset limitations are not always handled by the configuration 
and rendered ports unusable until the device is rebooted ... Or make you 
wonder why the heck it ain't working until you find some notes in an 
obscure PR )

     We're going up to 100Gbps (and then 200Gbps) in distribution and 
we're feeling good about the QFX being able to handle it.

     PS: EVPN worked well in the Lab, but we're no using in our "scheme".

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On 5/7/21 6:56 PM, Mann, Jason via NANOG wrote:
> We are using MX204's as our internet routers and I want to replace our 
> ASR's with them to be used as an aggregate circuit router. With the 
> amount of 10G/40G/100G interface and the price point we have been 
> happy with them. The big issue was learning Junos since we are cisco shop
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> Hi,
> Just out of curiosity, what would you recommend using for a core 
> router/switch from Juniper?
> MX208,480,10K
> Datasheets show them all as very nice and powerful devices (although 
> they do use a lot of rack space and side to side airflow is painful) 
> but I’m just wondering here what most people use and how good or bad 
> of an experience you have with it 😊
> Thanks,
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