IS-IS and IPv6 LLA next-hop - just Arista, or everyone?

Tarko Tikan tarko at
Tue May 4 17:25:14 UTC 2021


> I did an L3VPN over SRv6 test recently using IS-IS as the IGP.  I
> thought it was quite cool that I didn't configure any IPv6 addressing
> at all in the core... simply enabled v6 on interfaces and allowed
> FE80 LL's to run... IS-IS neighbored up... then added a mp-ibgp v6
> loopback (rfc 4193) to the PE's and let BGP neighbor up... L3VPN
> worked over SRv6 (of course with all that weird (new) locator
> magic).

For less adventurous - you can also do unnumbered ISIS or OSPF. It works 
equally as good and enables one to do plug-and-play SR-MPLS like you 
would do layer-2 network.


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